Who we are:

At more, please! we make it convenient for parents to feed their babies the best of the best. With fresh whole-foods sourced from local farms, nutritionally balanced blends, all organic ingredients, inventive flavor combinations (hello future adventurous palate!), and all the work taken out of it parents can feel great about feeding their little ones the best Washington has to offer.

more, please! was started out of a mutual desire by founders Lauren Burman and Kamala Saxton to ensure that all kids have nutrient packed, vitamin-rich foods for their growing bodies, and all parents have convenient, pro-kid, guilt-free food options. With Kamala's fierce business, food and mom knowledge, and Lauren's scrappy production and design experience more, please! was born. 

Opening day is June 28th at the Columbia City Farmers Market! Please join us for tasty, nutritious baby food and Prince music.


How it works: 

We do the work!

It all starts at the farm, where we proudly source all produce from local Washington Farms to ensure our kids are eating finest locally grown food. In the kitchen, all the fruits and veggies are steamed to maintain the utmost nutritional value and highlight the natural beautiful of this colorful food. No preservatives, color stabilizers, or additives are blended in, maintaining the purity of the whole foods and their nutritional elements. All our flavor combinations are blended with little palate in mind, exposing them to new textures and unique flavors is what we are all about!


Our bites:

First Bites: Start your kiddo out on the finest. Our first bites are single flavor, pure and smooth purees that are lowest on the allergy scale.

Second Bites: Once your little one has been introduced to single flavor foods, and is tolerating them well, you can begin to introduce slightly more textured and a balanced combination of flavors. Our delicious combos like carrot, apple, beet are perfect for the tiny palate.

Third Bites: Feeling more adventurous? Our third bites are where the fun happens. Introducing foods like tofu, nectarines, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, pasta, grains, nuts, seeds, and spices.

Our food blends change depending on what is in season, but current samples include:

·       Adzuki bean, beet, raspberry

·       Quinoa, bok choy, apricot, prune

·       Red pepper, watermelon, strawberry

·       Squash, apple, cherry